Small and Large Animal Veterinary Care

Our standard ambulatory service area includes locations in New Jersey or Pennsylvania within a 30 mile radius of our office in Mount Holly (08060).
We also provide services for beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, poultry, and small ruminants located in Gloucester, Cumberland, and Salem counties.  (If you live in one of these counties please let us know when scheduling)
Service outside of this area may be available for barns or clients with multiple animals.  Please contact us for more information.  Please note that we cannot guarantee prompt emergency service outside of our normal service area.

Click here for information on equine/large animal internal medicine services


Vaccination is an important part of a sound veterinary preventative healthcare strategy.  That said, no two animals are the same and each of our patients has specific needs.  We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate vaccine protocol for each of our patients.  As a full-service mixed practice, we offer vaccinations for both small and large animals on both an individual and herd health basis.

Equine Dentistry
Maintaining your horse's oral health is essential for both good health and performance.  Horses have hypsodont teeth which continually erupt throughout their life.  Due to the way horses chew, their teeth develop sharp enamel points on the outside of their upper molars and the inside of their lower molars.  Left unaddressed these points can cause severe oral trauma and make eating painful.  Horses with dental problems will commonly drop their feed or "quid" their hay (partially chewed hay balls that fall from the mouth).  As horses age their continually erupting teeth can shift in the mouth or become loose, necessitating more in-depth oral care.
Our dental exams involve sedation and insertion of a full-mouth speculum.  This allows us to visualize the mouth from front to back and do a thorough exam of the entire oral cavity.  A detailed dental chart is produced based on exam findings.  Dental points are reduced using both hand and power floats.  Diastema (abnormal spaces between teeth) are revised to prevent tooth decay from impacted material.  Disease teeth are either extracted in the field or referred for advanced care at one of the local referral hospitals we maintain relationships with.
As in most states, dental procedures on both small and large animals must be performed by a licensed veterinarian.  (Please note- we are not able to provide sedation for procedures performed by lay dentists).
Horse Teeth

Parasite prevention and control
Parasite Control
Addressing internal and external parasites is much more than picking a product off the shelf at your local feed store.  Regular fecal testing to ensure patients require treatment and that medication used is tailored to the specific parasite burden is of utmost importance.  Parasite resistance is already a serious problem in small ruminant and camelid patients; slowing this process and preventing it's onset in other species is extremely important.  We work with our clients to formulate a comprehensive parasite control program.

Coggins Testing and International Health Certificates
As level II USDA accredited veterinarians we are able to provide a wide range of testing and health certification services.  Common tests include equine EIA (Coggins) and Tuberculosis (TB) in cattle.  Health certificates are required when animals are being transported to certain shows, across state lines, via airlines, or out of the county.  We've written health certificates for a wide variety of species including dogs, tapirs, primates, camels, bears, horses and hyenas to name a few.

Small and Large Animal Surgery
Our fully equipped small animal surgery suite sllows us to perform many routine and emergency surgical procedures.  Spays, neuters, aural hematoma repairs, mass removals, gastropexies, and bladder surgeries are just some of the commonly procedures offered.

We now offer small animal orthopedic procedures such as cruciate ligament repairs (TPLO, TTA, lateral suture), patellar luxation corrections, fracture repairs, and more in consultation with Dr. Dennis Ting, DVM, DACVS- a boarded veterinary surgeon.  Performing these procedures in-house often results in signficant cost savings for our clients.

Common large animal field procedures include laceration repair, field castrations (equine, bovine, camelid, and small ruminant patients), abdominal surgery (c-sections, abomasal displacements, bloat correction, etc.), reproductive surgery (equine Caslick's, bovine teat amputations, etc.), and more.  Orthopedic and equine abdominal procedures such as colic surgery are referred to local large animal referral hospitals.

Laser surgery is now available as well.  For more information, please click here.

Colic care
Field diagnosis and treatment of colic is common in our practice.  Many colic cases can be resolved with field treatment.  We provide comprehensive on-farm colic care including intravenous fluid therapy (if indicated) to give your horse the best chance of resolution without the need for referral to an equine hospital.  For cases refractory to field treatment our excellent relationship with Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center allows for prompt transfer to high quality referral level care.

Intra-articular Therapy (Joint Injections)
We offer full service lameness diagnosis and treatment, including intra-articular therapies.  Joint injections can be a powerful tool in treating a variety of conditions that cause pain and lameness and are used primarily in equine species.  We use only the best pharmaceuticals including Hylartin V (hyaluronic acid), DepoMedrol (methylprednisolone), Vetalog (triamcinalone), and Adequan (polysulfated glucosaminoglycan).  We perform an intensive sterile prep of the area to be injected, add Amikacin (an antibiotic) to all our joint injections, and maintain strict sterile technique to reduce the occurrence of complications.
Equine Joint Injections

Blood Products
Blood Services
We maintain blood donor animals (goats, sheep, camelids, cattle, and horses) at our office location for emergency transfusion needs.  Additionally, we keep camelid plasma on hand for treatment of failure of passive transfer in llamas, alpaca, and camels.

Digital Radiography
Equipped with a portable digital x-ray system we can obtain high quality digital radiographs (x-rays) both at our office and in the field.  Images are available for view within seconds right on our laptop and copies can be provided to you via email at the conclusion of your appointment.  Images are stored on our system and can easily be sent to referral centers if needed.
Digital Radiography

Advanced In-House Laboratory
While many practices must send common laboratory tests to an outside laboratory (meaning at least a day's wait for results) we are able to perform many common tests in-house with same day results.  In-house tests include Blood Chemistries, Thyroid  levels, fructosamine, phenobarbital levels, and more.  Our established relationships with multiple referral laboratories make obtaining results for specialized tests quick and easy.

We also have a Heska Element Point-Of-Care analyzer that allows us to obtain blood gas, lactate, basic hematology, and basic chemistry/electrolyte values on farm calls.  This allows our veterinary staff to make immediate educated decisions as to treatment plans without having to return to the office to process bloodwork.

A testing modailty for horses called Serum Amyloid A (SAA for short) is also available on each of our ambulatory trucks.  This stall-side test allows our vets to get results in 10 minutes that can help plan treatment for infections and other types of inflammatory conditions in our equine patients.

Small Animal Dentistry
Pets need dental care too!  Dental disease can lead to a wide variety of problems and routine dental care is an important part of preventative medicine.  We offer dental cleanings utilizing and ultrasonic scaler/polisher unit, perform surgical dental extractions, and more.

Dental Radiograph
Our digital dental radiology (x-ray) system allows us to obtain images of the tooth roots and identify diseased teeth that may not otherwise have been apparent.  Our dental radiology system is the latest technology and produces the highest resolution images available today.

Small Animal Dentistry

Digital Ultrasound
Unlike radiography (x-ray) which is better for imaging bone, ultrasound is an imaging modality that allows to obtain detailed images of soft tissue structures.

Our M-Turbo ultrasound is a portable system that allows us to obtain high definition ultrasound images in both small and large animal patients.  Common uses include equine tendon ultrasound, bladder and abdominal imaging, colic diagnosis, and joint imaging.

Images produced can be easily be emailed to clients or referral centers if necessary.

Endoscopy & Endoscopic Surgery
We are equipped with both 1 meter and 3 meter endoscopes.  Endoscopy is a non-invasive procedure that allows us to see many internal parts of patients without surgery.  Common uses include retrieval of foreign bodies in small animals, inspection of the upper airway and gastrointestinal tract in large animals, and much more. Endoscopy